Lucky No. 7

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Produced by Ted Wulfers
Co-Produced & Engineered by Davey Julson-Rieley & Eric Corne
Mixed by Davey Julson-Rieley at godaveygo
Mastered by Richard Dodd
Mastered for Vinyl by Ron McMaster

Ted Wulfers: Lead Vocals, Electric Guitars, Lead Guitar (2-4, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15), Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Electric Bass (10-12), Wurlitzer (4), Harmonica (10), Piano (8, 14, 15), Hammond Block Organ (15), Clav1 (13), Percussion and Backing Vocals

Kenny Aronoff: Drums (2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 14) / Dave Raven: Drums (1, 3, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 15) / Doug Pettibone: Electric Guitars (4, 5), Lead Guitar (4,5) / Aaron Weistrop: Electric Guitars (2, 4, 7, 10, 12-15), Lead Guitar (2, 12-14 “funk”) and Backing Vocals (10) / Carl Byron: Piano (1, 4 6, 7, 11) Hammond Organ (1-3, 5-7, 10, 12, 13), Wurlitzer (12, 15), Accordion (6, 11) and Clav2 (13) / Rami Jaffee: Hammond Organ (8, 9, 15), Styolophone (15) / Ted Russell Kamp: Electric Bass (1, 3-5, 9), Upright Bass (15), Mandolin (15) / Taras Prodaniuk: Electric Bass (2, 6, 13, 15) / Mike Fratantuno: Electric Bass (8) / Chris Lawrence: Pedal Steel (2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 15) / Gary Morse: Pedal Steel (1), Lap Steel (13) / John Payne: (8, 12) / Mark Cantwil: Backing Vocals (1-10, 12-14) / Claire Holley: Backing Vocals (7, 11, 13, 15) / Mark Lonsway: Backing Vocals (1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 14, 15) / Nicole Gordon: Backing Vocals (9, 13, 15) / Gia Ciambotti: Backing Vocals (9, 13, 15) / Phil Hurley: Backing Vocals (2, 5, 6 ), Lead Guitar (1) / Shawn Davis: Backing Vocals (2, 4-7, 12) / Nick Randolph: Backing Vocals (2, 4-7) / Dave Phenicie: Backing Vocals (2, 5, 6) / Robin Wiley: Backing Vocals (13, 15) / Haroula Rose: Backing Vocals (9, 13, 15) / Dave Carducci: Backing Vocals (4, 7, 12 ) / L.P.: (9, 14) / Diana Rein: Backing Vocals (9) / Nate Britsch: Bass (14) / Aron Topielski: Bass (7) / Jeff Kelly: Drums (11) / Matthew Baumann: Tambourine (4, 5, 7, 14) / Gina Cappella-Grohl: Percussion (5, 8, 14) / Eric Schneider: Clarinet (15) / Russ Phillips: Trombone (15) / Matthew Ciccone: Hammond Organ (14) / John Wulfers: Cowbell (9, 14)

Additional Engineering by Ted Wulfers, Dave Raven, Rich McCully, Manny Sanchez, Mike Fratantuno and Mark Lonsway

Assistant Engineers: Patrick Miller, Doug Tyo, BB Vaughn, Jon Zachs and Bill Mims
Interns: Jarod morton, Ryan jackie, Sarah Hamilton

Design By Bret Rose Studios
Photography By CarlyErin O’Neil, Bret Rose, Zack Hudson and Ted Wulfers and ????????

Rock ‘n Roll don’t come easy. You gotta live it, love it & walk it like you talk it. When it’s real you know it & when it’s bullshit it shows it. I want to thank all the people who helped make this music happen & make this album so special. Every session was an inspired blast of dynamic & incredible playing & singing all while laughing our asses off & having the time of our lives. I am truly lucky to have everyone in my life & dreams really do come true.

To Davey, Eric & Richard – what a wild ride & adventure. We made a Real Rock ‘n Roll Record the Right Way & survived to tell the tale. It’s amazing what happens when you get good songs to sound that good! It took a while but I think we got it….but just in case, let’s try another take!

To Bret & Carly – thanks for making me look good! A task it is indeed. Bret, we’ve been at this a while & you keep getting better & better. Thanks! Carly, you’ve inspired & continue to inspire me in so many ways. Cheers to the out of this world adventure that all started in Coney Island and thanks for asking me to jump on a roof.

I would most like to thank my Mom & Dad for being the best & most supportive Rock ‘n Roll parents in the world for whom I am so lucky & grateful to have in my life.

Some Very Big Thank Yous, Gracias-es & Merci Beaucoups to Richard Dodd, Billy Bush, Dusty Wakeman, Danny White, Gary Belz, Butch Vig, Everyone at Platinum Audio Rental, Lon & everyone at Lon Cohen, Kenny Aronoff, John Payne, Kevin Griffin, Denny Weston Jr., Rami & the Pinks, Ted Russell Kamp, Carl Byron, Stonehoney, Al Boelter, Howie Rosen, Steve Resnik, Josh Feingold, Stephen Tharp, Timothy Blocksom, Hunter Williams, Trevor Gale, Linda Lorence Critelli, Jamie Dominguez & everyone at SESAC, Suzanne Hilleary, Draco, Chris Shepard, Mike Simmons, John McBride, Doug Pettibone, Fay Willis, Gary Mobley at Shubb Capos, Harri Koski & Jukka Mönkkönen at Mad Professor, John Norris at Peterson Tuners, Willie, Jan & Buffy at Jan-Al Cases, Jim Price at R&R Cases, Rick Skillman at Celestion Speakers, Everly Strings, Bliss Bowen, Chris Lawrence, Funky Jennifer Gibbons, Kim Grant, Manda Mosher, Shirley Manson, Dr. Glenn Schwartz, Stefani Newman, Chris & Lisa Biewer, Dave & Trisha Brooks, Bryson Jones, Steve Polacek & Diana Rein, Melanie Devaney, Avery Rose, Aaron Weistrop, Ryan Downing, Cathy Janowski, Joy Koskan, Mike Fratantuno, Bryan Keeling, Christina Adshade, John Schreffler Jr., Amy Aiello, J. Washington, Kira Distler, Jenn Oberle, Jeff Shelden, Peter Wais, Jason Feldner, Heather Renae Shepard, Jill Oliver, Mary Patton, Eva Crawford, Lindsay Bock, Cara Cunningham, Valerie Toth, Mike Racky, Terry Dirksen, Mattina Scarpino, Tim Tyrell, Brian & Brenda Johnson, Rudi Amedeus, Don Armstrong, Sakura, Jade Doubleday, Xavier Granados & everyone at BootStar, George at Ventura Music, Heath at Rock ‘n Roll Vintage, Teddy at Make’n Music, everyone at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, the bars & restaurants of Atwater Village, the bars of Nashville, TN for putting up with a week & a half of 150 proof debauchery, everyone thanked in my previous records, every single radio station that has played my music, every single person who has come to a Ted Wulfers show and YOU for buying this CD and supporting real, original, from the heart Rock ‘n Roll music!!!!

Ted Wulfers is Proud to Endorse Shubb Capos, Everly Strings, Mad Professor Effects Pedals & Peterson Tuners
Ted plays Rickenbacker, Gibson & Fender Electric Guitars & plays Gibson Acoustic Guitars Exclusively

These songs were recorded at Mad Dog (Burbank), House of Blues (Encino), Sixteen Tons (Nashville), Sunset Sound (Hollywood), Fonogenic (Van Nuys), godaveygo (Atwater Village), Chicago Recording Company (Chicago), Sonora Recorders (Los Angeles), Honky Abbey (Los Angeles), Kingsize Soundlab (Los Feliz), Phantom Vox (Hollywood), Gravity (Chicago), Mike Fratantuno’s (Los Angeles), 615 (Nashville), Rich McCulley’s (Echo Park), The Cave (Chicago) & Ted’s home studio.

This Music is Dedicated to Carol Atwell, Richard De Lancie, Duane Jarvis & Denny Weston who passed during the making of this album but who continue to inspire us every day.

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